Evince Document Viewer

Evince is the default document viewer for PDF (Portable Document Format) and PostScript files but can also display other formats, such as images.

It is designed to make reading documents a simple and hassle-free experience, and has intuitive previewing, indexing and searching capabilities. You can even view documents in full-screen or presentation format, where each page is displayed like a slide in a slideshow.

Evince will start when you double-click a PDF file. If you want to start Evince without opening a file, press the Alt and F2 buttons on the keyboard simultaneously and type evince in the window that appears, or open a Terminal and type:


Key Features

  • Zoom in and out of documents
  • Search
  • Presentation mode
  • It can be used from any application bo preview printing and select printing options (you must use "print to a file" in the application and later open the file with Evince to print it).




  • Part of the default Ubuntu installation

Hints and Tips

Other applications you may wish to look at

PDF Viewers

  • ePDFView

  • GPdf - GNOME-based 'fork' of XPDF

  • kpdf - KDE PDF reader

  • qpdfview - a tabbed document viewer with a Qt interface.

  • Xpdf - PDF viewer with additional tools available (see: xpdf-utils)

PDF Creation Tools

  • AbiWord - Word Processor that enables you to save documents as PDF files

  • LibreOffice - Office Suite that allows saving of files as PDFs

  • Scribus - Desktop Publishing

Further Reading


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