Capturing Digital Video over FireWire

Software Requirements

You will need dvgrab (and kino) to capture DV footage.

sudo apt-get install dvgrab kino

When you run 12.04, make sure to create a symlink called 'raw1394' that links to 'fw0' because dvgrab and kino will not be able to capture if not done.

sudo ln /dev/fw0 /dev/raw1394

You might as well have to give yourself permission to read in the source if this did not do the trick.

sudo chmod 664 /dev/raw1394

Using dvgrab to capture Digital Video

After you have installed dvgrab you should be able to capture by using the commandline. Simply go to your terminal and type in dvgrab, and ther you it, it is capturing in the current folder. If you want to specify the output, have a look at the dvgrab subpage

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