The projects listed have been documented over several years to build self-standing Web Browser Kiosks using the LTSP base

Current Packaged Solution for ubuntu/LTSP with the --kiosk option by Oliver Grawert

The HowtoWriteLTSP5Plugins page describes the details of the current plugin for an ltsp Firefox kiosk. It is installed using an option that is included with the Gutsy/7.10 distribution:

ltsp-build-client --kiosk

There is a bug that needs to be fixed before running this command (on Gutsy as of 1/31/08)

Other LTSP based Implementations

The following implementation documents describe step-by-step methods that were used to build Web kiosks. They might be considered outdated since they use older versions of LTSP and browsers:

Even More Implementations

With a little bit of searching, you can find lots of Kiosk projects.

Additional Community Kiosk References is an opensource Firefox based kiosk project, based on Debian stable. / LTSP mode of operation is not supported. Instead images are deployed by USB and optionally administered via a simple httpd configuration server that serves INI style configurations that are cached in the case the server is down.


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