What's FirstClass Client?

FirstClass is an email client targeted at schools and businesses. Chances are if you are even reading this page, you know what FirstClass is and use it at your workplace or school.

Installing FirstClass - Terminal Style

Paste these two commands in the terminal

wget -c http://www3.firstclass.com/ClientDownloads/FC83ClientDownloadFiles/fcc-8.315-2-Linux-i686.deb
sudo dpkg -i fcc-8.315-2-Linux-i686.deb
sudo ln -s /opt/firstclass/fcc /usr/bin/fcc

Installing FirstClass - Graphical Style

Download the Debian package from FirstClass' website. Then double-click it.

There should be a launcher for it in your applications menu, but you won't have a direct command to launch the application unless you specify the full path to the executable: /opt/firstclass/fcc

Installing FirstClass - x86_64

You have two options: use the i686 Debian package or use WINE to run the Windows version. I recommend the latter if you already have WINE installed and/or have a fast internet connection, as the Linux version is a bit older and has a memory deallocation bug. Also, the Windows version is available in several different languages.

Windows Version (Using WINE)

If you do not have WINE installed, there is a pre-built .deb package available. It is a fairly large download (>50MB) if you have a slow internet connection.

sudo apt-get install wine

Download FCC here Select your language Save the file to your Desktop (~/Desktop) and double-click to install it.

Native Linux Version

Download the .deb package to your /home folder (~/). Download and install this excellent utility named getlibs. Next, open a terminal and use the following commands:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
sudo getlibs -p libqt3-mt libjpeg62 libartsc0 libaudio2 libpng12-0
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture fcc-8.315-2-Linux-i686

You can launch FirstClass by using the Applications -> Internet menu. The command to create a launcher is


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