1. Download the finstall script with wget:

cd ~
wget -c
  1. Make the script runnable:

chmod +x finstall
  1. Start it:


After the client is installed You can start/stop/... FAH client with ./foldingathome/folding script. For Example(s)

~/foldingathome/folding start


~/foldingathome/folding stop


~/foldingathome/folding status

For me this was all I needed as it automatically created the init scripts I needed to start after reboot. However the init scripts don't seem to work for everyone, so if you need to do it manually:

  1. Make a file called foldingathome in the /etc/init.d directory:

gksudo gedit /etc/init.d/foldingathome
  1. Paste this in:

# /etc/init.d/foldingathome for Ubuntu
# Start the F@H service.

pushd /home/YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/foldingathome/
su YOUR_USERNAME_HERE -c "screen -d -m ./folding start"
  1. Save and exit
  2. Make it start at boot time:

sudo update-rc.d foldingathome defaults 99

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