PM Form

This is for use when PM'ing tutorial authors. Original by Elfy with a few edits by Cortman. You can just copy/paste this into the PM message box.


I'm not sure if you have visited the Tutorials sub forum lately, there are pending changes planned for that forum, for more detail please see [URL=""]this thread.[/URL]

There is a team of users ready and willing to facilitate the tutorial thread to wiki transfer.

We would obviously prefer that those who wrote the original thread were involved in the transfer.

Your [URL=""]thread[/URL] has been marked as being one that would make for a great wiki.

If you wish you can contact us through the Forum Wiki Team on at #ubuntu-wiki , a direct web browser link to the same place is [url][/url]

We will assume that you have no objections if you do not respond within 2 weeks.


<your name>

on behalf of the [URL=""]Forum Wiki Team[/URL]

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