GNOME Session Flashback (previously known as GNOME Session Fallback) is a GNOME desktop environment providing a modern take of the GNOME 2.x experience of past releases. One may utilize either a GNOME Flashback (Metacity) or GNOME Flashback (Compiz) session.

GNOME Session Flashback (Metacity)

In order to install GNOME Session Flashback (Metacity), one may install this via a terminal:

sudo apt-get -y install gnome-session-flashback

GNOME Session Flashback (Compiz)

If one desires more advanced GUI presentation features in comparison to GNOME Session Flashback (Metacity), one would want to use the Compiz session.

In order to being using these features, in addition to installing gnome-session-flashback, one may install the required packages via a terminal:

sudo apt-get -y install compiz-plugins compizconfig-settings-manager

Known issues

  • UNKNOWN - One cannot change number of workspaces via secondary clicking the workspace > Preferences > Workspace Switcher Preferences > Number of workspaces: 2 > Close and notice the number of workspaces didn't change.

    • WORKAROUND: System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager > General Options > Desktop Size > Horizontal Virtual Size 2

  • LP#1066413 - In gnome-session-fallback keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab doesn't work

Reporting bugs upstream

If one has a report on Launchpad that is marked Triaged, one needs to be careful as not all reports are filed to the same upstream tracker. For example, if one is using Compiz, it more than likely needs to be filed on the Compiz tracker as GNOME doesn't support Compiz. If one is using Metacity, then it is more likely a GNOME issue.

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