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GParted Partition Manager

GParted is a Gnome-based partition manager (that can be also be used with KDE and other desktops as well). This utility works best as a LiveCD or live-USB.

GParted preinstalled on Ubuntu liveCD

  • Boot a Ubuntu live-CD (or live-USB), select "Try Ubuntu", open GParted.

GParted LiveCD

  • Download the GParted .ISO image here. Follow these instructions to burn the .ISO image to CD. Boot the GParted LiveCD as your partition manager.

GParted package

  • You can also install the package from a software package manager, or from the command-line terminal:

 sudo apt-get install gparted

However, managing partitions on your hard drive intrinsically changes your hard drive. If you accidentally change the partition of the OS to which you have installed the package, you might corrupt your hard drive and your system might become unusable. It is always best to have a GParted LiveCD available for emergencies.

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