Ubuntu 20.10 is the version of the Ubuntu operating system released in October 2020. The development codename given to this release is "Groovy Gorilla".

Before You Start

  • You can directly upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 ("Groovy Gorilla") from Ubuntu 20.04 ("Focal Fossa").
  • Be sure that you have all updates applied to your current version of Ubuntu before you upgrade.
  • Before upgrading it is recommended that you read the release notes for Ubuntu 20.10, which document caveats and workarounds for known issues in this version.

If you have a version of Ubuntu other than 20.04, please see UpgradeNotes for information on how to upgrade.

Upgrade from 20.04 to 20.10

Upgrading Ubuntu Desktops to 20.10

You can easily upgrade over the network with the following procedure.

  1. Run the update-manager application.

  2. In Update Manager, click the Settings... button, and enter your password to start the Software Sources application.

  3. Select the sub menu Updates from the Software Sources application.

  4. Confirm the "Notify me of a new Ubuntu version:" option is set to "For any new version", and change it if otherwise.
  5. Close the Software Sources application and return to Update Manager.
  6. In Update Manager, click the Check button to check for new updates.

  7. If there are any updates to install, use the Install Updates button to install them.

  8. Run update-manager -d.

  9. A message will appear informing you of the availability of the new release.
  10. Click Upgrade.

  11. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Kubuntu Desktops

Direct upgrades to Kubuntu 20.10 are supported from Kubuntu 20.04.

Ubuntu Studio

Due to the change in desktop environment this cycle, direct upgrades to Ubuntu Studio 20.10 are not supported.

Ubuntu Servers

  1. Install update-manager-core if it is not already installed:

    sudo apt-get install update-manager-core
  2. Edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set Prompt=normal

  3. Launch the upgrade tool:

    do-release-upgrade -d
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

See Also


See the release notes.


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