This is a Howto article describing steps on how to install and configure an HP PSC 1210v (PrintScanCopy) printer. HP PSC printers are preferred by most people because it's compact (small footprint and portable), cheaper (as compared to buying a stand-alone printer and scanner), convenient (All-in-One Printer, Scanner, & Copier), and the Linux drivers are officially supported by HP.

This article used Xubuntu Feisty Fawn but the steps will also work on any Ubuntu derivative and on any release as long as the HPLIP package is installed.


  1. Your HP PSC 1210v powered up and plugged in via USB
  2. HPLIP and SANE Packages
  3. Scan Utility
  4. XSane
  5. Kooka


1. Install the required packages.

sudo apt-get install sane libsane sane-utils xsane

NOTE: HPLIP is installed by default on Ubuntu.

2. Next run gksudo hp-setup or kdesu hp-setup to initialize the setup script.


3. The HP Device Manager - Printer Setup Wizard would show up asking what type of connection your printer is using. Select Universal Serial Bus (USB) and hit Next.


4. Highlight the HP PSC 1200 printer and hit Next.


5. In this window, you can actually select any of the two available PPD files, as long as the wizard recommends it. Hit next after selecting a PPD file.


6. This step would allow you to change the name of your printer. The Location and Description field is optional.


7. This is the last step, where all you have to do is confirm your settings. If you don't want the printer to Print a test page, go ahead and unselect that option.


8. If you chose to print a test page, you might as well test it's scanner. Place the page on the bed, fire up your favorite Scanner program, and scan the said page.



1. HP-Setup script not running.

  • Some required packages aren't installed. Install them by issuing this command

sudo apt-get install libcupsys2 phyton gs-esp libsane sane-utils python-qt3

2. HP-Setup said The command failed to run.

  • HPLIP was inadvertently removed from your system, you need to reinstall them.

sudo apt-get install hplip hplip-data hplip-dbg

3. The script cannot find my printer.

  • Try running the command hp-check. This will determine if HPLIP can detect it. If the script still can't find it, try running lshw, this will give you an idea if it is a printer or a driver problem. If lshw can't (still) detect your printer, and you're sure that it's powered up and plugged via USB, make sure you have your receipt with you and contact HP.

4. XSane won't scan my pictures.

  • Try using Kooka and/org GIMP. If they still can't scan, check whether you have the SANE packages installed.

5. Can I install the printer by using the Setup Wizard of GNOME/KDE?

  • Yes, you can.

6. My printer only prints grayscale.

  • The ink cartridges that comes with your printer is usually only half-full when shipped to a retailer. This is for demonstration and testing purposes. Replace it with a new one. (Comment: this is routinely claimed by the salespeople in office supply stores which also sell ink. How otherwise do you know this is true? AndrewMalcolmson 05/2008 )

  • Check your color cartridge, remove it from the holder, unplug the power to the printer, and clean the copper contacts at the back and also those inside the printer by wiping them with a soft cloth dampened with bottled or filtered water.
  • Check your printer properties settings. You may have accidentally changed it to grayscale.



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