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Install Hamachi for Linux

  • Go to https://www.vpn.net/linux

  • Select the correct download for your OS (for 64 bit Ubuntu it is the 64 bit .deb file)

  • Double click the downloaded file to install Hamachi (follow the prompts in the window that opens)

Install Haguichi

This is to give GUI control of Hamachi and avoid terminal commands

  • Open a terminal window, type/paste the following lines, pressing enter after each

    sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ztefn/haguichi-stable
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install -y haguichi
  • Haguichi will be installed and appear in your desktop menu under Internet or Applications, depending on what UI you use

Run Haguichi

  • Click Haguichi in the menu (it will run Hamachi invisibly in the background)

  • The first time you run Haguichi you should obey any prompt to click "Configure"

  • After that Haguichi will automatically start the connection

  • Click the button with the plus icon to join or create a network by entering the network ID and password

You can now interact with Hamachi via the Haguichi GUI, and can connect to Hamachi networks with other people, regardless of whether they are using Linux or Windows.

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