HardInfo is a hardware analysis, system benchmark and report generator.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive reports on hardware
  • Generate HTML reports on your system's hardware
  • Benchmark and compare your system.





Launch Application

Once installed, HardInfo can be launched from 'System Tools > System Profiler and Benchmark'. Alternatively the application can be launched from the command line using the following:

$ hardinfo 

Network Update

NOTE: Network Update is unavailable until further notice due to loss of database hosting.

Until a network update is completed, only the results of local tests can be viewed under the 'Benchmarks' section. Completing a network update from 'Information > Network Updater..' will download additional benchmarks for comparison and against the local machine. Benchmark results will then appear ranked from best performing to lowest performing against other systems.


HardInfo comes with the following benchmark tests:

  • CPU Blowfish
  • CPU CryptoHash

  • CPU Fibonacci
  • CPU N-Queens
  • FPU Raytracing

Highlighting any test and then selecting 'refresh' from the top toolbar will rerun any previously completed benchmarks

Generate Reports

Simply select 'Generate Report' from the top toolbar, a dialogue box will appear allowing you to export all desired computer, device, network or benchmark results to a HTML file. Upon completion an option to open the file immediately for viewing is provided

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