How To Install the Pixus 550i Printer

*Note: This will only work in Edgy and Feisty and these drivers will also work for the Pixus 580i, 950i and the iP90 printer. Just make sure that you pick the right driver for your printer.

  • iP90 Printer uses 550i driver

1) You need to add this repository to your source list. Adding Repositories

  • deb ./

After you you do that you need to update your source list.

2) Next you need to install libcnbj-2.2, bjfilter-2.2, and the pstocanonbj packages.

3) Cupsys will be automatically restarted and you can select your printer in cupsys configuration which is CUPS Web Configuration or if you don't want to do that you can go to System>Administration>Printer>Add Printer.

Installing Printer through CUPS Web Configuration

First thing you do is click on add a printer. The next screen will ask you for the name of you printer, location, and description the only thing you really have to fill in is the name. After you done filling in the information click continue. The next page asks you to select your printer. Hit continue and then it will ask you for your driver, select the Canon Pixus xxx ver.2.2 then click on add printer.

Install Printer through system-config-printer

1) Click on add printer, a new window will open up that says add a printer at the top and Step 1 of 3: Printer connection. As long as your printer is turned on it should show up in "Use a detected printer", if it doesn't you can select it in "Use another printer by speciying a port" and selecting your printer then click forward.

2) The next page is where you select the printer driver. The manufacturer is Canon if it already isn't selected and the Driver is Pixus xxx ver.2.2 then click forward.

3)Finally the next screen is the printer information you don't really have to worry about filling in the rest of the information if you don't want to just click "Apply" and now your printer should show up under printers.



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