This page contains instructions for setting up Samsung printers supported by Samsung's proprietary printer drivers.

Samsung provides a generic driver for Linux but this is not tested on Ubuntu. For this reason it is recommended not to get one of these. Furthermore, it has been reported that the scanner in some multifunction models only works for applications opened with a root account which creates an inconvenience.

Get the printer drivers for Linux

The linux drivers can be downloaded from Samsung's web site, but before that, you need to install any Flash plugin for your browser.

Additional tweak

There is a problem with the scanner of some multifunction printers that have both USB and parallel port, like the SCX Family. Samsung driver does a lot of call to some libraries restricted to Root user only, and thus, scanning as a normal user may be not possible. By using:

$scanimage -L

The following message is displayed

> FATAL: Module lp not found.

One solution is not to use the parallel port and overwrite an existing library with a tweaked one. It works for SCX-4200 and SCX-4521F; however, since it is a unified driver, it might functions for a wide range of models. This file and instructions are found here:

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