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HoTTProxy is a perl based WAP server for connecting your mobile phone to the web. For example you can setup a proxy server to use your wireless phone to access the web for free without having to pay your provider for a special data service plan. Usage charges may vary depending on your contract. Much of the documentation here is taken directly from the HoTTProxy website (http://www.hottproxy.org/articles/LinuxEtc.html), however I point out steps to make the installation go smoothly with Ubuntu.

First install the following packages

sudo apt-get install lynx ncftp

Second download HoTTProxy and extract to a directory

wget http://www.hottproxy.org/downloads/HoTTProxy-Source- tar xvf HoTTProxy-Source-

Third configure Perl, choose the default value for everything except the server which you should choose something near you

perl -MCPAN -e shell install YAML (if it asks about Test::More select yes) install Module::Build

install Bundle::LWP install HTTP::Daemon install HTTP::Proxy install HTTP::Server::Simple install Date::Calc install CGI exit

Fourth Run the admin tool and use the web config

sudo perl HoTTProxy_Admin.pl firefox browse to localhost:8085 create user - fill in the items in blue. For homepage try http://wap.google.com click submit close firefox

Fifth Make sure port 9201 is open if you have a firewall and it points to your HoTTProxy box

Sixth Run HoTTProxy sudo perl HoTTProxy.pl

Now you should be able to connect to the web using your phone using the user account you set above. For advanced options check



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