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There are several packages that add home security, home automation, and whole house multimedia distribution to your Ubuntu system. One package integrates all of the above.


Below are listed some new packages that provide integrated home surveillance and motion detection, home automation, and mulit-room multimedia sharing.


LinuxMCE is an integrated package that has been made as an add-on system to the Kubuntu distribution. Using LinuxMCE, a single media PC can act as a standalone Home Theater PC. Using multiple PCs, one PC can function as a Core server for all home multimedia, security, telephony, and automation needs, using a system of thin clients on peripheral PCs and devices over a home LAN.

No other integrated system is as powerful.


A package for Zoneminder was introduced with Feisty. Zoneminder can allow surveillance camera monitoring, by remote IP viewing or over a home monitor, and recording to a hard drive. Motion detection and event triggering based on motion detection is allowed. It works with an X10 home automation system.

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