This page is about installing Ubuntu on Apple Macbook Models, using the Ubuntu Desktop CD.


  1. Download Ubuntu Live CD and burn it.

  2. Install rEFIt (this step is optional, you can hold 'Alt' to select partition everytime instead).

  3. Use Boot Camp Assistant (it's in Applications/Utilities) to create new partition. I allocate 5GB partition.
  4. Insert the live CD into the drive and reboot
  5. Hold down ‘C’ button at the black screen to boot from CD.
  6. Follow usual Ubuntu installation step. In keyboard selection screen, choose “macintosh”.
  7. In partitioning screen, choose ‘manually edit partition table’.
  8. Delete the 5GB partition just created from BootCamp. Then create the ext3 partition at the same size. Mount it as ‘/’.

  9. Complete the installation process. Then reboot.
  10. If you install rEFIt, the boot menu will show up. If not, hold 'Alt' button for a while and select the Windows partition for Ubuntu.

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