Administrating Edubuntu and the LTSP system

Adding new users

When administrating any system the times comes when new users need to be added to the system. Edubuntu offers a great utility for adding new users to the system. Click the System button and then goto Administration, followed by Users and Groups, as shown in the screenshot below.


You will then be presented with the Users and Group utility as depicted below. This tool handles the addition, modification and deletion of users and groups. You use this utility to assign users as administrators for example. To add a new user, click on the add button on the right hand side.


You will then see the user modification panel appear as shown below. The controls on this dialog are the same as they would be if you were going to edit a user. For now we only need to fill in the basic information, so add a username, and a full name, and then type the password in the boxes provided. You need to type it twice for verification purposes.


Clicking on the advanced tab, allows you to set which group this user will belong to. Placing the user in the admin group will give them administrator access rights. From here you can also modify the users home directory and edit their user profile.


Clicking on the User Privilages tab opens up access to specific privilages. You may for example not want a user accessing tape drives, or the scanner hardware. This can all be done from this panel, as seen below.


Once you are happy with your users setup, click the OK button, and then click the OK button on the Users and Groups window. If you do not do this, your new users settings will be lost and they will be unable to login.

Adding Packages

At some point you're going to want to dip into the 14,000 or so packages that come free with Edubuntu and Ubuntu. If you are an administrator, the simplest way to do this is via the Add/Remove option as shown below


Before you can start installing or removing packages the application manager must check to see the status of the instlaled packages. Whilst this is happening you should see the following screen


If you have not run the package manager in a while, or you have not installed any updates to your system, you will be presented with the following message, which will ask you to update your package list. This is required as without it, Edubuntu may not be able to download the new packages.


Once the package list has been updated, you can begin choosing which applications you want to install. The applications are split up into categories and you can select as many as you like. For this example we are going to choose the kooka application, as you can see in the screen below.


Once you are happy with the applications you want to add to your system, go ahead and click on the Apply button. You will then be greeted with a window asking you to confirm that you are happy with your choices.


The applications you selected will now be downloaded for installation, during which time you should see a box similar to the following;


Once downloaded, the applications will be installed. During this period you should see a screen similar to the following;


If all of your applications have been installed correctly you will see the success window


Now that your system has installed new applications, it must update it's list incase you wish to install some more, you will see a screen similar to the one earlier. Once the update has been completed, you will be shown a summary of what new applications have been installed, with the option for you to run them. The screen will look similar to that shown below;


When you have finished click on OK, and then click on OK on the Add/Remove application and you are ready to continue using your new applications.

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