Edubuntu Support and Documentation

How do I configure...?

Can I use Edubuntu to...?

What application will...?

I think I broke...!

Every user or administrator has questions from time to time. The key to success is knowing how to find answers.


Edubuntu documentation is growing every day. This cookbook is only one of our documentation projects. Other Edubuntu documentation is listed here: Edubuntu Handbook.

Users Like You

Edubuntu's community is its single best resource. Whatever your question, it is likely that someone among your fellow Edubuntu users, administrators, and contributors knows the answer, or at least how to find it.

Consider subscribing to our email list or searching for information in the mailing list archives.

You can find live help via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in the #edubuntu channel on (German-language edubuntu help is available in #edubuntu-de and spanish-language in #edubuntu-es.)

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