Introducton to Edubuntu Standalone

A stand alone installation of Edubuntu is ideal for:

  • Home computers.
  • Small labs that lack the server power (HowToCookEdubuntu/Chapters/HardwareRequirements) for thin client computing, but have workstations capable of running Edubuntu standalone.

  • Laptops and other computers that will not always be connected to the same network.

A stand alone installation of Edubuntu is just what it sounds like: an install that can boot and function on its own, with or without a network connection. (An internet connection is needed when downloading new or updated software.) The first user created on the system can perform administration functions such as change settings that affect all users, installing new software, etc. System files, applications, and user data are all stored locally on the computer's hard disk, as opposed to being stored on a central server as in other Edubuntu installations.

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