What Now?

Install updates

If your computer is connected to the internet, a message will appear in the top, right-hand corner of the screen to let you know that software updates are available. The Ubuntu and Edubuntu application developers are always hard at work fixing bugs, closing security holes, and adding new features.

Installing updates regularly will help keep your computer secure and running smoothly. It is highly recommended that you install all updates as they become available. Your first update will probably take quite a while, but if you update daily when Edubuntu reminds you to do so, it will normally take place much quicker. It is perfectly acceptable to do other things on your computer while the updates download and install.

When the update is finished, you may be asked to restart your computer, or just a certain program, so that all changes will take effect.

Add additional users

It is very important that each user has his or her own log-in and password, both for security reasons and so that each user can have his or her own personal preferences, bookmarks, files, and shortcuts. The first user will be able to reset other users' passwords if they are forgotten, so don't worry about kids not being able to use their accounts if they lose a password.

To add new users, click the "System" button on Edubuntu's top menu bar. Move your mouse over "Administration" and click on "Users and Groups". When doing administrative tasks like this, you will be asked to input your password again as a security measure.

Click the "Add User" button on the right-hand side of the dialog box. There is a lot you can configure when adding a new user, but most of these options are best left on their defaults if you are unsure how to configure them. The minimum configuration you should set for each user is:

  • Give him/her a user name. (Account tab)
  • Give him/her a password, or have one randomly generated and write it down. (Account tab)
  • Choose what this user has permission to do on this computer. (User Privileges tab)
    • Note: if you are not sure what privileges to grant a user, start with something very minimal, like access to video acceleration and audio devices only. If something they need doesn't work, you can always add privileges later by highlighting the account under the Account tab and clicking "Properties". Fixing an accident that happened because a user had too many privileges will often require much more effort.

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