Evolution filters out spam e-mail using the spamassassin package.


SpamAssassin is not included with Evolution, but it is very easy to install using Synaptic or the command line.

  • Open Synaptic using System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

    • Search for "spamassassin".

    • Install "spamassassin" and any dependencies it requires.

  • Or write in terminal
    •    sudo apt-get install spamassassin

Set Up

Open Evolution and change two settings:

  • Edit -> Plugins -> SpamAssassin junk plugin should be checked

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> Junk

    • Check incoming messages for junk should be checked

    • Default junk plugin: should be Spamassasin, with the note "Spamassasin plugin is available and the binary is installed"

Using SpamAssassin

While reading your e-mail, use the 'Junk' and 'Not Junk' buttons to train SpamAssassin. Be patient, it may take a week or two - SpamAssassin requires a minimum of 200 junk and non-junk messages to begin functioning.

Even after the filter begins to work, it's still learning. Make sure to check your 'Junk' folder occasionally, since some non-spam messages may have been miscategorized.

You can speed up the training process if you have a pool of known spam and known not-spam messages handy for training the filter. Tip: Drag the non-spam messages into the empty junk folder, highlight the group, and click 'Not Junk'. Similarly, drag a bunch of spam into an empty in-box, highlight the group, and click 'Junk'.

Installing Other Filters

Other filters, such as Bogofilter, are available in the repositories. These can be used with Evolution, but the installation, setup, and use of each will vary.

Advanced SpamAssassin Options

SpamAssassin can be used with other mail clients, as a standalone application, or as a server for heavy-duty mailserver use. For more information on SpamAssassin's advanced options the man page is available in Terminal

man spamassassin


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