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The IRC Translator Project, which is still in the very early stages, has the aim of being able to match IRC users in #ubuntu to a translator. This services a specific group of Ubuntu users who do not have access to an IRC channel which supports their native language. This action is to prevent their frustration and that of those who can support them but not in the language they can speak. Such frustration can lead to users getting banned for not understanding the request to speak English, or appearing to be spamming the channel. In the spirit of "Humanity To Others" this is not acceptable. As such the the IRC Translator Project suggests a simple centralized location to allow for interaction between users and translators.


  • Allow users of seldom used languages to still receive support in their native language.
  • Provide a centralized IRC room for volunteers to find translators.
  • Remove the need to kick users whose native language is not supported by any specific ubuntu IRC channel.


While the current setup of #ubuntu-[country code] does solve 90% of all issues with language support, and by no means should be abandoned, a new project is needed to augment this support. The primary advantage of using people as basic translators (perfect translation is not needed, just enough to get a couple simple commands through) is that the translator may have absolutely zero technical knowledge. This allows for a much larger base to draw from for language and technical support, as well as a more centralized way to help users whose languages are not widely spoken.


The usage pattern of this channel is very simple. When a user is discovered who will need a translator, a volunteer tech will join the translators IRC room (#ubuntu-translators ???) and ask for a translator (perhaps paste of copy of the text to help identify which language) and then take both the translator and the user off to a private room to allow tech support to take place. Once complete the translator will return to idling in the translator room. There is no need to publicize the translator room except to volunteers who do tech support, it would not be advisable to have new users go directly there looking for support as the translators may or may not have any technical experience.


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  • Perhaps regular bilingual users of Ubuntu should list themselves somewhere as available translators for IRC support. I can be around, but if there's a hopeless Czech person in #ubuntu and I don't notice (99% probability), then all he'll get is the barely alive #ubuntu-cz. If, on the other hand !cz informs about both the channel and the available translators (pinging them), it would give a bit more support to the unfortunate soul.

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