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This USB wireless modem is broken in Karmic 9.10.

This guide explains how to get an Orange Icon 255 wireless internet modem working. This guide has been translated/copied from this blog post, and my French isn't particularly good. So feel free to update it if any of the crucial points are wrong.

This guide will work on any such modem, regardless of the branding--as long as the hardware is the same.

Getting the script

To get this modem to work, we will need two things: A driver and a connection script. Those can be downloaded from the original author's site, with the following command:

wget http://www.equinoxefr.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/icon225.tgz

Unpack the archive with the following command:

tar xvf icon255.tgz

This will produce a folder named hso/. To enter it, use cd hso/. It contains various files: The source code of the hso driver; A script to compile and install it; A connection script

First, run install.sh with sudo ./install.sh - this will compile the driver and it's dependencies.

Note that Ubuntu allready commes with it's own version of the hso driver, but it is very unlikely to work with the given connection script.

Second, edit conninfo.ini with your information. You can use gedit, nano, vim... whatever for this.


APN is the access point name of your provider. Refer to your manual to find it, and if you cannot find it in there you may also consider looking at the value choosen by the installer on a machine running Windows. Change PIN to your pin number. Save the file.

Finally, to connect, use:

sudo ./connect.sh up

If this does not work, here is an alternative method that worked for me:

sudo modprobe hso
# Connect the usb key now
sudo modprobe -r usb_storage
sudo ./connect.sh up

Note that the order of the commands is very important here!

To disconnect again, use the following:

sudo ./connect.sh down

Happy surfing!

Tested on Intrepid Ibex 2.6.27-9-generic i686. Works great!

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