This page contains initial installation suggestions.

Prepare Media

To install Ubuntu on an IdeaPadS, you'll need to use either an external optical drive (connected via USB), or create USB storage install media.

  • Refer to Installation/FromUSBStick for directions on creating USB installation media.

  • You may also plug in an external optical drive and use an Ubuntu LiveCD/LiveDVD.


Turn on the machine, and press <F2> to enter the Bios Setup.

Select the correct boot device/order and press <Enter>.

In the <F2> menu:

  • USB-HDD refers to a USB storage device.
    • Sometimes these will be referred to as USB-FDD, depending on the stick and the specific model of Aspire One. This will not affect the installation, though it is a bug that Acer should fix.
  • USB-CDROM refers to an attached external optical drive.

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