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  • Multi-buttoned Mouse - Getting the fourth, fifth or other extra buttons on your mouse working

  • Logitech MX610 - Getting the E-Mail and IM LEDs and other buttons to function properly

  • Bluetooth Mouse - Getting your bluetooth mouse to connect and resume automatically, once turned on.

  • Serial Mouse - Getting your serial mouse to function

  • Logitech Marble Mouse USB - Getting the scroll function to work using fdi policy in newest Xorg.

  • Apple Magic Mouse - getting scroll from your bluetooth magic mouse.

  • A4tech X-755K - a special kind of multi-buttoned configurable mouse, which can send both mouse and keyboard key pressed information as configured macros - information about how can we configure these mices on Ubuntu is very needed




  • Wii remote CWiiD - how to set up Ubuntu to use a Wiimote as a mouse, using the CWiiD library

  • Logitech_UltraX_Remote - how to set up your remote


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