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  • Download the latest windows binary/source from here

  • Download the latest Linux package from here

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Note: Though this script will not format your USB drive / Pendrive it is advised to take backup of USB data before invoking the script.

What is MultibootUSB

MultibootUSB is a shell script written by A Ramesh Kumar and Sundar. Main intention of this program is to install multiple Linux distribution in to single USB disk / Flash drive / Pendrive and able to boot from it with less dependency issue. All you need is your favorite distros in iso format and FAT formatted USB disk. Read the rest to find more.

Main Features

Automatically detects all inserted USB derive / Pendrive and allow you to choose one.

  • Uses GRUB 2 as boot manager It can boot hybrid iso images directly (if the distro has the support) Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros like Linux mint can be booted from same pendrive. It uses Zenity as GUI and no commands need to be typed in the terminal (except to invoke the program/script) As of now this script supports 81+ distros

System Requirement

PC / Laptop which has the option to boot from USB.

  • Any latest Linux distribution with GRUB 2 as boot manager. Recommended OS is Ubuntu 10.04 and above. One or more Linux ISO image(s) of your choice (Only supported by the script)


You can redistribute this program and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or later. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public license for more details.

How to use/run the script

  • Extract it to your home folder (Right click --> Extract here)

  • Open terminal and move to the script folder (cd MultiBootUSB)
  • Provide root permission (su) and type ./MultiBootUSB.sh and hit enter (for Ubuntu just type sudo ./MultiBootUSB.sh with out issuing su command)
  • Here after follow on screen instructions
  • Screenshots can be found in doc folder for reference.

List of distributions supported

  1. Archiso Live
  2. Aptisid
  3. Austrumi
  4. AVG Rescue CD
  5. Backtrack
  6. Bit Defender Rescue CD
  7. Bodhi Linux
  8. CD linux
  9. Chakra Linux
  10. Clonezilla Live
  11. CrunchBang

  12. CTK Arch Live
  13. Debian
  14. Deli
  15. Doudolinux
  16. Dream Linux
  17. Dynebolic
  18. Elive
  19. Fedora*
  20. Fuduntu
  21. GeexBox

  22. Goblinx
  23. Gnome 3.0 - Fedora
  24. Gnome 3.0 - Open SUSE
  25. Gparted Live
  26. GRML
  27. HBCD
  28. Igolaware
  29. Imagine OS
  30. Jolicloud
  31. Kaspersky Rescue CD
  32. Knoppix
  33. Kubuntu*
  34. Linux Mint*
  35. Linux Mint - DE
  36. Lubuntu
  37. Manriva One
  38. Me OS
  39. Moon OS
  40. Nimblex
  41. Open SUSE
  42. Ophcrack Live CD
  43. Panda Rescue CD
  44. Pardus
  45. PCLinux OS*
  46. Pentoo
  47. Peppermint OS
  48. PinGuy OS

  49. Parted Magic
  50. Pure OS
  51. Puppy*
  52. Rescue CD (System Rescue CD)
  53. RIP Linux
  54. Saline OS
  55. Sabayon Linux
  56. Scientific Linux
  57. Sidux
  58. Simply Mepis
  59. SLAMPP
  60. Slax
  61. Slitaz
  62. Stress Linux
  63. Tiny Core
  64. UBCD
  65. Ubuntu*
  66. Ubuntu Netboot*
  67. Ubuntu Rescue
  68. Ubuntu Ultimate Edition
  69. Unity Linux
  70. Vector Linux
  71. Windows/NT Password / registery editor
  72. Xpud
  73. Xubuntu*
  74. YLMF
  75. Zenwalk
  76. Zeven OS
  77. Zorin OS
  78. Salix Live
  79. Free DOS
  80. SAM Linux
  81. Absolute Linux
  82. Apodio
  83. Arch Linux 32 Bit
  84. Arch Bang
  85. DEFT Linux
  86. Express Linux
  87. LDR
  88. Porteus
  89. Redo Backup Live CD
  90. Tails
  91. Mageia Linux
  92. Calculate Linux
  93. Vidalinux
  94. MeeGO
  95. Dam Small Linux
  96. Elementary OS
  97. Netrunner
  98. Webconvergence

100.FreeBSD ...and many more.

Please give your feedback, suggestions, request for new features and comments as reply.

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