This page shows how to set up a local DICT server and use Dictionary programs that are already included with Ubuntu to access locally stored dictionary.

1. Install DictD:

sudo apt-get install dictd

This installs a DICT server. Now you can install whatever dictionaries you want. Dictionaries are available in the repositories. A simple package search will show many.

So to install a thesaurus, for example, use

sudo apt-get install dict-moby-thesaurus

2. To configure Dictionary, open the Dictionary program

3. Go into Edit -> Preference.

4. Click on "Add" to add a source.

5. Under "Description" give it a name like "Local Dictionaries", under "hostname" type "localhost" [REMINDER: In Jaunty and later you might try putting "" (without the quotes) instead] and leave the port number the same.

6. Now click "add". And now whenever you're offline you can choose "Local Dictionaries" from "Dictionary Sources" and access your dictionaries offline.

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