To install on a computer without a CD or DVD drive or network and a BIOS that forbids booting from USB, it may be possible to take the hard drive out and load a CD image onto it with Unetbootin.

Installation Steps

  1. Download Live CD ISO image.
  2. Download and install Unetbootin to a working computer

  3. Create and extra "installer" partition (on the HDD) in addition to the partitions needed for the OS
  4. Use Unetbootin to put the iso file on the "installer" partition and make it bootable
  5. Install HDD into computer, boot up the computer and cross fingers
  6. If computer boots up to the Unetbootin menu, chose the option to check CD integrity.
  7. If integrity check returns no errors, let the machine reboot and chose either the "Try OS" or "Install OS" options.

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