After trying to get an installation of Xubuntu on a laptop with boot support only for a floppy and USB 1.0, I found an alternative. I have not had a problem with UUIDs yet.

What is needed

  • A method to hook up your disk drive to another computer (connected via USB->IDE/SATA / directly via IDE or SATA)

  • VMware Workstation
  • Ubuntu or derivative ISO or CDROM


Configuration and Setup

Suggested Configuration

  • Go to Advanced Configuration

Virtual Hardware

  • Name: Xubuntu Install
  • Guest OS: Other
  • Memory Size: (Half of whatever you have in your current machine, NOT the one you are building for)
  • # of CPUs: 1

CDROM Drives

  • Either your CD, DVD, or ISO.

Hard Drive

  • Use Physical Disk (make sure you are using the extra drive, in my case "\\.\PhysicalDrive1")

  • Make sure you use the entire disk

Actual Installation

  • Boot the VMX in VMware
  • Boot by booting the DVD drive in VMware, in my case by selecting CD-ROM in the BIOS boot menu
  • Continue through the install
  • When you are done installing, after rebooting, shut down the VM and disconnect your virtual CD-ROM drive
  • Once your drive is the way you like it, plug your hard drive back into the original system and boot!

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