Installing .run Packages


Careful consideration must be put into place whenever installing anything outside of the official repositories. Run files install software into the system via a script rather than a package manager. Verify that the run file you obtained came from a source that you trust before executing it.


Follow the procedures below to install software packaged in a .run file:


  1. Find the .run file in the File Browser.

  2. Right-click the file and select Properties.

  3. Under the Permissions tab, make sure that Allow executing file as program is ticked and press Close.

  4. Double-click the .run file to open it. A dialog box should appear.
  5. Press Run in Terminal to run the installer.

  6. A Terminal window will open. Follow any instructions on-screen to install the program.


  1. Open a terminal and navigate to the directory where the file is located.
  2. Execute chmod +x <file-to-give-execute-permission>.run

  3. Now that the execute permission has been set, simply run ./<file>.run

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