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This page has a few notes relating to the installation of Ubuntu (or perhaps other Linux distributions) on a Dell Dimension 2350, a desktop computer released circa 2002.

AGP vs. PCI video bug

The 2350 has an obscure hardware bug that prevents the integrated Intel (AGP) video adapter from being properly disabled when a PCI video adapter is added to the system. This bug tends to cause kernel panics, system freezes and/or other related crashes when booting up an Ubuntu system beyond text mode. (This continues to be the case as of Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic.")

This occurs only when the system attempts to load kernel modules needed by the Intel video adapter, however, so it can be avoided by module blacklisting. Add the following two lines to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf (or to a separate .conf file in that same directory):

blacklist agpgart
blacklist intel-agp

For more information on this problem, visit the following links:

Ethernet flakiness

In the personal experience of the author, the 2350's onboard Broadcom Ethernet adapter is frustrating to use. Observed behavior includes the interface intermittently going down under heavy traffic, and PXE booting failing to work because no cable is detected (when the cable is indeed properly connected). Performance is significantly improved by installing and using a well-supported PCI Ethernet adapter instead. (The only real advantage to the onboard interface is that, due to BIOS limitations, it is the only one capable of PXE-booting the system.)

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