This page is meant to provide basic functionality of transfering music to and playing music on an Ipod touch using tools available in Ubuntu. More specifically this page is meant to help people whose Ipod's have firmware version 3.0 or greater. For Ipod touch firmware less than 3.0 see:


Jailbreaking of a Ipod touch is not supported by Ubuntu and is done at your own risk. Jailbreaking of an Ipod touch is beyond the scope of this article but is necessary in order to sync to an Ipod touch (firmware V3.0+) under Ubuntu. Programs such as redsn0w (which is cross platform), and PwnageTool are able to jailbreak the 3.0 firmware. Please be aware that these tools are very firmware and hardware dependant.


Once jailbroken, use the cydia package manager to install the OpenSSh server. After rebooting the Ipod you will be able to transfer files to it as detailed here:

Pwnplayer lite

Pwnplayer lite is a music player that works under the 3.0 firmware which will allow you to play any music found in the filesystem, that is, without inserting it into the database used by itunes and the music player built into the Ipod. Install Pwnplayer lite from cydia, and copy music to its default directory (/var/mobile/Media/Music)


If you install the ipod-convenience package in Ubuntu, you will be able to mount the ipod at any location on your Ubuntu filesystem using the "ipod-touch-mount" command. During installation you will be asked for the IP address of the Ipod (found in the wireless settings of the Ipod by clicking the arrow beside the wireless network you are connected to). Ideally you will have set up the Ipod with a static IP on your home network so that this IP adress does not change. You will also be asked where you would like to mount the Ipod; please select an empty folder in your home directory (this will eliminate permissions related problems later)

For example you can create a folder in your home directory called ipod, then enter /home/yournamehere/ipod as the mount point

When mounting an ipod using ipod-touch-mount you will be asked the root user's password which, in the 3.0 firmware, is "alpine".

Using Amarok 1.4 to transfer music

The Amarok music player can be used to sync your music to the Ipod touch wirelessly. Once you have the ipod-touch-mount command working you can specify it as a "pre-connect command" in Amarok.

First you will need to select settings>configure in Amarok. On the Media Devices tab click add device. Choose generic media player (ignore the apple ipod media device selection), and give it a name.

  • If you have selected /home/joe/ipod as the mount point when configuring the Ipod-convenience package then the mount point to enter would be as follows:


This will point amarok at the directory used by Pwnplayer lite by default.

Click "configure device settings" icon which looks like blue gears.

Enter ipod-touch-mount as a pre-connect command

Enter ipod-touch-umount as a post disconnect command.

Press OK.

Now when you click on the devices tab in Amarok you should be able to click connect. You will be asked for the root password @some.ip.adress.for.your.ipod Enter alpine as the password (must enter it twice for some reason on my system)

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Most of the information on this page was borrowed from:

Although much of that information may not be relevant to anyone with an Iphone or Ipod touch with firmware 3.0 or greater

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For information on jailbreaking please see:

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