Apple closely guards and purposely obscures the workings of iPods even going so far as to alter it from time to time to intentionally make it difficult for non-Apple software and hardware to interoperate with iPods. Nevertheless Ubuntu works very well with iPods, except for the newest generation iPod Touch, iPhone, 5th generation Nano iPod and any other future generation Apple portable devices where Apple changed their systems so that they no longer show up as generic storage devices. To work with these new-generation devices, look at this article on using Ubuntu to sync with your iPhone/iPod touch. Most firmwares are supported with the installation of Ubuntu software to get them to work.

Adding music, syncing, and creating playlists

For this you can use Rhythmbox, Banshee, Amarok or gtkpod. Banshee and Amarok are full music management applications that work with the iPod (much like iTunes), whereas gtkpod is a simpler application used only to sync with the iPod.

All these apps can import music to your iPod, move music files onto and off (but generally not sync in quite the way iTunes does it) your iPod, create playlists, and much more. iTunes is not currently available on Linux, although the Windows version can be used in Ubuntu using the proprietary CrossOver Office for a small fee.

These applications work on every version of Ubuntu from 6.06, and can be downloaded directly from Add/Remove.

Adding Videos to Your iPod

Newer iPods that support video also work under Ubuntu. See the following two guides:

Making your videos iPod compatible

Transferring Videos to the iPod

Additionally, you can install '''iPod Video Encoder''', a GUI application for Gnome that automatically rips and encodes DVDs directly onto your iPod.

Taken from the iPod Video wiki page.

Ripping CDs to MP3 and AAC

  • See RestrictedFormats wiki for information on installing software to create and play MP3 and AAC files.

Purchasing Music from the iTunes Music Store

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