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What this wiki will talk about?

I'm creating this wiki page trying to help people that want to install an IRC Server with Services(Nickserv,Chanserv and Memoserv) .There will be a list of some good servers softwares like bahamut or ircd-hybrid with an HOWTO for the installation of the server itself and services related to it, also ill make a related wiki with some informations about IRC commands that can be used both client and server side.(I'll do examples using ircd-hybrid as server software).

Available Server Software

How to install ircd-hybrid

There are two ways to install this software ,all of them are really easy :

  • Using synaptic with searching the word ircd-hybrid
  • Downloading the source and installing it

To install using the first method please take a look at SoftwareManagement. For the second method please read on;

First download the software from this site, then compile it using these commands:

 tar zxvf filename.tar.gz
 cd /path/to/source
 make && make install

Note: Remember to edit the ircd.conf file to personalize your servers settings.

Given you complete these steps error free, you will be able to join your brand new server using your favorite InternetRelayChat Client. To join your server you would typically enter the following command;


This was the easier part of this wiki page, now we can go on with installing services, there are a lot of different services software, here it is a list of some available:

Installing Services

Note: In this example we will use Epona.

Before making your IRC server public it would be a good idea to install some network services for maintenance of the network. NickServ, ChanServ and MemoServ are services that you may be familiar with from other networks.

Download the source from the Epona website and use the above method to compile them (as you did with the IRCd). Once you have completed that you will need to edit your services.conf which is used for information for the Services.

Inside that file you will have to fill all things that aren't yet filled in, take a look over and add some details to customize your network. If you want to take the simple option paste the following lines replacing your information.




Note: Services.LocalHost.Net is the services name used in the services.conf file

In the password space you will have to put the same password used in services.conf file.

Now just start up services using this command inside services folder :


If there are no errors the services should connect to the network a couple of minutes later. If not you will need to look at the logs to find out what is wrong.

Thats all for now. Users and Operators commands wiki page available soon.


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