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JabRef is an open source graphical bibliography reference manager. It uses BibTeX as its native file format, which makes it ideal for modifying LaTeX bibliographies.




JabRef is in the Universe repository for Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid and Jaunty, and can be installed using the package manager: System → Administration → Synaptic Package Manager.

You may need to enable the Universe repository see the RepositoriesUbuntu page for instruction on how to do this.

JabRef can be started from Application → Office → JabRef.

Adding & Editing References

Before adding references create a new database using the File → Open Database or open an existing BibTeX file using the New → Open Database menu option.

JabRef provides a number of ways to add references:

  1. BibTeX → New entry menu option will allow a new reference type to selected and added.

  2. BibTeX → New entry from plain text menu option will open a window into which a plain text BibTeX reference can be inserted.

  3. An existing BibTeX file can be added into an existing or new database using the File → Import into New database or File → Import into current database menu options.

References can be edited by:

  1. Selecting BibTeX → Edit entry.

  2. Selecting an entry and pressing Ctrl + E.
  3. Double clicking on an entry.

Hints and Tips

A file can be linked to a reference using the file field in the General tab when editing an entry. A linked file can be opened from within JabRef by right clicking the file field and selecting Open or selecting the entry and pressing F4.

A reference key can be copied by selecting a reference and pressing Ctrl + K.

If you use Lyx or Kile to edit LaTeX documents you can transfer a reference to these editors by pressing the button towards the right of the toolbar with the Lyx logo.

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