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With xserver-xorg-input-evdev 1:2.0.99+git20080912-0ubuntu6 now in intrepid-updates, all you need to do is update your system (just check the version of xserver-xorg-input-evdev if you joypad still doesn't work in Intrepid amd64, and make sure you're not using joystick-calibrator, jscal or another program like that).

The following is kept for reference.


Starting from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex and due to changes in Xorg, each model of joystick needs a special file to be recognised properly. For the moment 8.10 doesn't ship with these files, and thus your joystick shouldn't be working anymore (instead, it should move the mouse cursor, sometimes preventing the use of the mouse until you unplug the joystick).

Since each joystick model is different, in order to provide these fdi files we need users to provide a little information about their joystick model - else your joystick may never be supported.

You will find below an easy method for providing the required information - note that once a specific model information is reported, it is not necessary to provide this information again.

In all cases, after you've successfully uploaded the files, please add your joystick model to this list.

Step by step guide

Getting the information

If you don't have Ubuntu 8.10 installed, this guide should work with a previous version of Ubuntu. If you don't have access to a computer running Ubuntu (for example you're at a friend's house and this friend has a model of joystick you don't have), you can also do everything from an Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD.

You can save lots of time by using copy/paste, along with the autocompletion of names in the terminal (pressing the TAB key).

Ensure no joystick, dance mats, tablets or other input devices (except maybe for your mouse and keyboard) are connected to your computer.

Start a Terminal :


Then type :

lshal > default.lshal


Now plug your joystick, then type in the terminal :

lshal > joystick.lshal

(To make your information more useful later, replace the name "joystick" with the exact model of your joystick, like "Sony_Dual_Shock_3" in the example below:


If you open one of those files, you will notice it reports more than 100 devices. To make it easier to check if your information is there, let's make a file that only contains the new device (it will actually be spread in about 4 devices):

diff default.lshal joystick.lshal > joystick.lshal.diff

Don't forget to replace "joystick" with the name you just gave it, like in the example below :


Open this last file in a text editor to check there was indeed some new information added, you should be able to see the brand of your joystick in at least one occurrence

Uploading the files

Now head on to this bug report in Launchpad to attach the two files "joystick.lshal".

If you don't have a Launchpad account yet, first register :


Fill the informations (a valid email address is needed, you will get updates about this bug report and if more information is needed about your joystick, questions can be forwarded to this email address) then come back to the bug report.

On the left of the page, in the Bug attachments frame, click "Add" :


Add the file "joystick.lshal" (where instead of "joystick" you wrote the exact brand and model of the joystick), give it the Description "###" (where ### is the exact brand and model of your joystick), no need for comments, then click "Save changes". Repeat this for the file "joystick.lshal.diff", with the description "### diff".

Alternatively, if you know your way around Launchpad, just create a new bug report "[Intrepid] lshal output for joystick BRAND+NAME", report it against the package xserver-xorg-input-joystick in Ubuntu, and attach the two files.

In all cases, after you've successfully uploaded the files, please add your joystick model to this list.

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