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Kaffeine is a full-featured multimedia player for Linux. It uses xine as back-end by default, but also works with the gstreamer framework for most parts. It supports DVD playback with menus, DVB and ATSC broadcasts, multiple playlists, a equalizer, and a CD cover manager. It rips and burns audio CDs to mp3 and ogg vorbis, streams audio and video and supports LIRC. For more information, visit the Kaffeine web site.

Installing Kaffeine

IconsPage/apt.png Enable the universe and multiverse Repositories as described in Repositories/Ubuntu, then install the kaffeine package.

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)

Kaffeine can be used with every DVB Device supported by your Kernel's dvb-driver. If your card is not supported out-of-the-box, see the output of

dmesg | grep dvb

if your hardware needs a firmware file to function properly.

Search for your hardware on the LinuxTV DVB wiki and follow the instructions provided there to get your Card working.

After your card has been detected by the kernel, open kaffeine and configure your DVB Hardware and preform a channel scan.

Transponder data for different Sats or reception Methods (DVB C/T/S) are stored in the folder ~/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/ and can be updated automatically over the Internet. If some of the provided Master Transponders are out of date or your desired Sat isn't covered at all you need to create this file for yourself or use a tool like w_scan that does this for you.

Supported Audio and Video Codecs

If you use the Kaffeine-xine Engine It supports all codecs from your installed Version of xine-lib. A Full list is at the Xine Website.

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