LXDE, or Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, is a fast-performing and energy-efficient lightweight desktop environment that can replace the default GNOME desktop environment. However, unlike other desktop environments which often are tightly integrated, LXDE strives to be modular. Therefor each component can be used independently with few dependencies.

LXDE was the standard desktop environment in Lubuntu, an Ubuntu derivative which received official endorsement in 2011, up to and including Lubuntu 18.04 LTS (Lubuntu switched to LXQt starting Lubuntu 18.10). Please see the Lubuntu documentation for support regarding LXDE in Ubuntu.

Installing LXDE

When doing a standard Lubuntu setup LXDE comes automatically as part of the package, so no special installation is needed.

If you are using another distro and want to add LXDE as an extra option, you need to install it.

  1. You can install LXDE by using either:
    1. Graphical method - Use the Synaptic Package Manager to install the lxde package.

    2. Graphical method - Use Ubuntu Software Center and search for lxde desktop, beware that the search result is a meta package. You may want to uncheck undesired packages before installing.

    3. Command line - Open a terminal and type:
      •    sudo apt-get install lxde
  2. Press System → Quit... and then press Log Out to log out of Ubuntu.

  3. At the log-in screen which appears, press Options → Select Session...

  4. Choose the LXDE option and press Change Session.

Enter your username and password as normal, LXDE should then start.

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