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(X) This wiki should be considered unmaintained and deprecated, though some information may still be relevant. Please instead refer to Lubuntu.me or https://lubuntu.me/links/.


This page is a complete list of resources for new users of Lubuntu.

The idea originally created by amjjawad to have One Stop Place to store everything related to Lubuntu for an easier and a faster access to all Lubuntu Users who seek some help. Since Lubuntu is a Community Project, Lubuntu One Stop Thread (LOST) was converted to a Wiki Page.

Thanks amjjawad and nothingspecial!

Section A: Information

Where to find?

  1. Ubuntu

  2. LXDE

  3. Lubuntu

  4. Lubuntu on Wikipedia

  5. Lubuntu on Distrowatch

  6. Lubuntu on Launchpad

  7. Lubuntu Team on Launchpad

    1. Lubuntu Sub-Teams

  8. Lubuntu on Ubuntu Wiki

  9. Lubuntu on Ubuntu Community Wiki

Social Networks

  1. Lubuntu on Facebook (Page)

  2. Lubuntu on Facebook (Group)

  3. Lubuntu on Twitter

  4. Lubuntu on Google+ (Page)

  5. Lubuntu on Google+ (Community)

  6. Lubuntu on Reddit

  7. Lubuntu Blog

Contact Lubuntu

  1. Contact

Section B: Lubuntu 101

  1. Download Lubuntu

  2. Installing Lubuntu

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

  4. Lubuntu Official Guides (FAQs - Guides)

  5. Lubuntu Official Work Around (FAQs - Work Around)

  6. How to ask for Help on Ubuntu Forum

  7. Lubuntu Screencasts

Section C: Stable Release - Lubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

  1. Lubuntu 13.04 - Announcement

  2. Lubuntu 13.04 Release Notes

  3. Get Lubuntu 13.04

  4. Applications

  5. Reporting Bug

Section D: Development (Saucy Salamander)

  1. Testing - ALL what you need to know and learn about Testing is here

  2. Release Notes For Saucy Alpha 2

  3. Test Alpha 2

  4. Test Daily Live

  5. Technical Discussion on Ubuntu Forums

  6. Mailing List - Please join Lubuntu QA Team

  7. How to Report Bugs

Section E: Polls and Statistics

  1. Lubuntu Has Breathed New Life Into My Old Machine

  2. How Many Switched/Shifted from Ubuntu to Lubuntu?

  3. Lubuntu's Rank on Distrowatch - Monthly Review

  4. Lubuntu Communications Team - Polls

Section F: Lubuntu Guides and HOWTOs

  1. How To Run Lubuntu From Live CD - A Workaround

  2. How To Lock Your Screen in Lubuntu 11.04 in Few Steps

  3. How To Connect 2 PCs via LAN (Wired) using Lubuntu 11.04

  4. Adding Home and Trash to Desktop

  5. How To Use GParted

  6. How To Install Lubuntu on USB Drives

  7. How To Search for Lubuntu Threads on Ubuntu Forum

  8. After Installing Lubuntu - Guide (Things to do and applications (programmes) to Install) BROKEN LINK-FIXME!

  9. HOW TO Install LXScreenshot in Lubuntu?

  10. HOWTO Run PCManFM from LXTerminal to check what is wrong with it?

  11. HOWTO Fix "waiting for network configuration" issue at the Lubuntu Logo with Five Dots during booting

Section G: Other Guides and HOWTOs

Section H: Useful Links

  1. Other Distributions with LXDE

  2. What is GRUB?

  3. GRUB2

  4. Boot Repair

  5. GRUB Customizer

  6. Boot Info Script

  7. UNetbootin

  8. Plop Boot Manager

  9. Root sudo

  10. Running sudo Graphically

  11. Master Boot Record (MBR)

  12. Disk Partitioning

  13. How to partition

  14. How to MD5SUM?

  15. Ubuntu Hashes

  16. Very nice Wallpapers for your Desktop

  17. HD Wallpapers

  18. Linux is not Windows

  19. Linux ate my RAM

  20. Google Ubuntu - Search Engine for Ubuntu

Origin of Lubuntu Links

Originally founded by amjjawad and posted on The Ubuntu Forums (ubuntuforums.org)

Similar Idea

amjjawad has created yet another One Stop Place for Ubuntu Communities and this time, it is Ubuntu GNOME One Stop Page.

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