This page briefly explains how to install support for additional languages using Ubuntu. Please note that steps for Kubuntu are not the same and you should follow the relevant pages accordingly.

Please also note that following these steps will only install the very basic language packages and will probably not set up the system completely to use the selected language. It is recommended that you follow a language specific guide for your desired language as each language requires slightly different steps depending on the language specific setup required.

To open the Language Support dialogue, click on the System menu, then Administration, then Language support:


The following screen will appear. Here you can add additional languages and also switch on the facility to support complex character input.


After clicking on OK, additional packages will be downloaded from the repositories and set up on your system.

To log into a session with the new language, log out and then at the log on screen, select options then select language. You should also be given the option to make this new language default.

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