Pairing the Unifying receiver

The Unifying receiver is uniquely paired to your mice and keyboard. If you loose the original receiver, you can get another one for free from Logitech under warranty. However, the new receiver will need to be paired to your device using the Windows software. The software does not run under Wine and can't be used via a virtual machine.

There is a command line utility to add a device to a single Unifying receiver - it does not implement removing such pairing though. Read this online discussion carefully for source code and more details.

Buttons mapping

This is useful for applications like Compiz config settings manager where you can specify which button is assigned to an action.


  • Button 1 - left click
  • Button 2 - wheel click / middle button
  • Button 3 - right click
  • Button 4 - wheel forward
  • Button 5 - wheel back
  • Button 6 - wheel left click
  • Button 7 - wheel right click
  • Button 8 - browser history: forward
  • Button 9 - browser history: back
  • Button 10 - application switch / Exposé on Mac
  • Button 13 - zoom


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