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Internal Communications

Press Releases - Drafts

Please follow the same structure from previous attempts.

Lubuntu Press Kit

  1. Feature – Definition – Freeze (4 Months prior to release)

    1. What's going to be new in the upcoming release?

    2. What kind of updates are we doing?

    3. Are we changing anything special? (for example: change of the DE → LXQt?)

    4. Are we planning anything special like a contest for wallpapers etc.?

    5. What will be our main goal for this release?

  2. Feature-Freeze (3 months prior to release)

    1. “Half-Time”-Report: How are things going? Anything unexpected during the latest period?

    2. The Updates we planned to include: Are they all going to come? If not → Why not?!

  3. Final Beta Freeze (1 Month PRIOR to Release Day!!!)
    1. Statement by Release-Manager & Head of Dev: Did everything go as expected?

    2. Did we have to skip any planned things from #1?

    3. What's the latest “news” about the release?

    4. What can users expect from this release we're talking about?

  4. One Week before Release
    1. Prepare wiki-page for online and offline press-statement

    2. copy prepared announcement into wiki-area (which need to be prepared by wiki team!)

    3. upload PDF for LoCos and other interested parties to download

  5. At Release Day
    1. Let prepared wiki-page (from task 4a) go “live”

    2. link to it via social media (Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, G+ Community)

Press - Artwork

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