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(X) This wiki should be considered unmaintained and deprecated, though some information may still be relevant. Please instead refer to Lubuntu.me.

Lubuntu uses PCManFM to browse files on your computer or network. Besides these features, PCManFM can

  • Eject DVDs or CD-ROMs (may close window)
  • Browse Network Neighborhood
  • Safely Remove Flash Drives
  • Empty Your Trashcan
  • Modify folders as the root user.


Deleted Desktop Folder

After you delete your Desktop directory in your home folder, PCManFM won't find it if you create a new Desktop folder.
Edit ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs from
and restart PCManFM by logging out.

Right-clicking on desktop pulls up a menu that is missing the "Desktop Preferences" option and now I can't change my wallpaper

Instead of this:


you see this:


which is actually the openbox menu.

Using lxterminal or choosing "Run" from the menu, use:

pcmanfm --desktop-pref

then click on the "Advanced" tab and uncheck "show menus provided by window managers when desktop is clicked" which will solve the menu problem.

If you want to change your wallpaper, click the "Appearance" tab before you close.

How to search for files in Lubuntu using GUI application

A file find feature is planned for a future Lubuntu.
Lubuntu by default doesn't have a tool for search but it's easy to install one:
Install this package: catfish

The application can be found in: LXDE Menu > Accessories > Catfish

Browse Windows PCs with Samba

type smb:// or smb://machinename/share into the address bar
other GVFS urls that work

Directory Contents not up to date

Press ctrl+r or f5 to refresh files in the folder.
ctrl+h shows hidden files
shift+del permanently deletes a file without sending it to the Trash.

How can I create a shortcut on the Desktop

Right click on the programme icon from the menu, there is an option there to add to desktop.

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