LyX is a WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) LaTeX word processor. It behaves more like a word processor than a LaTeX plain text editor, but it is not quite the same as using OpenOffice or AbiWord. A knowledge of LaTeX is not strictly required, but it may be beneficial. NOTE: You need to have Universe repositories enabled. Please read Repositories for further information concerning repositories and installation.


LyX can be installed via Synaptic, Adept, or apt-get. For this tutorial we will use the terminal/command line. At the command line, issue the following command:

# sudo apt-get install lyx

Post Installation

If LyX does not make it into your gnome menu, then it can be started with from the Run Application dialog (Alt+F2), by typing lyx and pressing return.

If you want to see your math symbols instead of red text, also install the latex-xft-fonts package.

Add on packages

There are various packages in the repositories which can add functionality to LyX.

  • latex2html allows lyx to produce html output.

  • foiltex is useful for making presentations.

After installing such packages you should reconfigure ( goto Edit -> Reconfigure) and then restart LyX.


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