Enabling all of the functions on your Logitech MX Laser mouse

This guide will guide you through the process of enabling all 12 buttons on your logitech MX Laser mouse, including the side buttons (forward and backward e.g. in Firefox), side scroll and cruise control (aka auto vertical scroll) functionality.

Ubuntu 8.10

When upgrading from earlier Ubuntu versions

check xorg.conf

Be sure to check that /etc/X11/xorg.conf has commented out all the mouse settings. That happens normally during upgrade because hal is used to handle the mouse since Ubuntu 8.xx, not the xserver.

disable xmodmap pointer

IconsPage/warning.png If you have previously used xmodmap to change the way X uses the mouse buttons, please disable it. It is usally done by setting pointer = [list of numbers] in ~/.xmodmaprc. Just remove that line from where you set it. And check if there is a ~/.Xmodmap file as well!

That's it!


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