This document belongs to Manual Full System Encryption (with Extras): Detailed Process.

1. Explanation

You will download and run the script (application) that will:

  • Prepare your partitions for the installer
  • Run the installer
  • Fix problems created by the installer

2. Download the application

  • Open the terminal (Ctrl+T, or use the menu).

  • Copy-and-paste the following command to download the application. Warning: This looks like two lines because of the documentation formatting, but it's in fact just one line. Copy the entire thing and paste it into your terminal.
    sudo wget --no-verbose --output-document=/usr/local/sbin/encryptinstallation
  • Copy-and-paste the following command to enable the application to run.
    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/encryptinstallation
  • If you are trying to install Ubuntu 18.04, skip this step. But, if you are trying to install Ubuntu 20.04, copy-and-paste the following command.
    sudo sed --in-place -e 's/luksFormat/luksFormat --type=luks1/' /usr/local/sbin/encryptinstallation

3. Run the application

In a moment, you will start the application. When you do so:

  • It will ask you some questions.
  • It will prepare your system for the Installer.
  • It will start the Installer.
  • When it starts the Installer, you will need to open the instructions (I'll remind you).


Still in the terminal, enter this command:


Answer the questions, and when the Installer starts, open the instructions.

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