Kubuntu 10.04 LTS to 10.10 Upgrade

The upgrade consists of three steps:

  • Upgrade to the latest 10.04 packages (this is necessary, do not skip it)
  • Change Release Upgrade settings from LTS to normal releases
  • Run the Release Upgrader

Upgrade to the latest 10.04 packages

This is a necessary step, do not skip it

1) Start the normal package update process. KMenu -> System Settings -> Add and Remove Software -> Software Updates -> select both bug fix and security updates -> Apply

10.10-upgrade-kmenu.png -> 10.10-upgrade-systemsettings.png -> 10.10-upgrade-update.png

Change Release Upgrade settings from LTS to normal releases

2) In Add and Remove Software click Settings -> Edit Software Sources -> Updates -> set Release Upgrade to Normal Releases

10.10-upgrade-kpackagekit-settings.png -> 10.10-upgrade-kpackagekit-edit-sources.png -> 10.10-upgrade-software-properties-updates.png -> 10.10-upgrade-software-properties-releases.png

Upgrade to Kubuntu 10.10

3) Click on Software Updates you should be notified of an upgrade to maverick, click the link. (You may have to restart System Settings.)


Upgrade to 10.10 with an alternate CD:

This is only if you do not have an internet connection to upgrade with.

1) Insert the alternate CD, open it in a new window, open the Run Command dialog by pressing Alt+F2 or if this is not working right click on the desktop or as a last resort, run a terminal window. Type kdesudo "/media/cdrom/cdromupgrade" in the command box and press the return button.

4) The upgrade tool will start

5) Confirm you want to upgrade

6) The upgrade will be downloaded and installed, this will take some time
maverick-upgrade4.jpeg maverick-upgrade5.jpeg

Note: if you are conffile changes (files in /etc) you will not be able to review the changes in the user interface. See https://launchpad.net/bugs/656876

7) The final step of the upgrade provides you the ability to keep obsolete packages by pressing the Keep button, or go ahead and remove the packages by pressing the Remove button. If in doubt press Remove.

8) The last step of the entire process is to go ahead and reboot your machine.


Welcome to Kubuntu 10.10

If everything went smoothly after the upgrade and the reboot, your desktop should look like the following:


If you get an error stating one of these possibilities:

  • Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu

  • Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu

  • Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu

try executing the following:

'sudo dpkg --configure -a' in a terminal.

Afterwards, reboot, and try the upgrade again. This should help to fix any broken packages that are missing due to upgrade problems.

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