MeMaker is a small and simple program that allows creating avatars, small pictures that represent people on the internet, in an easy way. There are no prerequisites in knowledge of graphic design. It is also possible to just create the avatar by trial and error.


Install the memaker package from the Universe repository.

MeMaker User Interface


MeMaker can be launched from the menu using Applications >> Accessories >> MeMaker or from the command line


The user interface is very simple, providing only the necessary switches. First you have to choose the type of avatar you want to create from a drop down menu. After that you can switch through the pallets containing the components of the avatar using the tabs. The components can be chosen and added by clicking on them. The preview on the left side of the window is updated instantly.

Avatar Types



Coco Head




The compontents of an avatar are:

  • Head
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Glasses
  • Nose
  • Eyebrows
  • Hat
  • Accessories
  • Beard

Not every avatar type uses all those components!

The final result can be saved in one of the following formats:

  • SVG (scalable)

  • PNG (about 400x400 pixels)

  • BMP (about 400x400 pixels, no transparency)

  • Gnome Avatar (savin in the GNOME user profile)
  • Launchpad Logo (PNG, 64x64 pixels)

  • Launchpad Mugshot (PNG, 192x192 pixels)

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