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MPM (MiKTeX Package Manager) is used to install packages from a MiKTeX package repository.

MPM was originally intended to be a tool for MiKTeX users. But the program can be helpful for users of other TeX systems too, because many of the MiKTeX packages are system-independent.

Its a bit like apt-get for LaTeX.

For more information see

MiKTeX Tools

MiKTeX Package Manager manual


Unfortunately there is no ubuntu package for MPM so you need to compile it yourself. Fortunately it is easy enough to compile.


  • Download the package MiKTeX Tools from sourceforge Download MiKTeX Tools

  • Move the files to an appropriate place, untar them and enter the directory. Type:

tar -xvzf miktex-tools-2.5.2398-beta-14.tar.gz
cd  miktex-tools-2.5.2398-beta-14

You may need to type something slightly different if the version number has changed.

  • Install some packages needed to compile the program. Type:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libcurl3-openssl-dev 
  • Compile the program. Type:

./configure && make
  • Install the program. Type

sudo make install

IconsPage/info.png Instead of using the command sudo make install you can use checkinstall. Checkinstall can create a debian package. For instructions on how to use it see CheckInstall

How to use

How to use the MiKTeX package manager on Unix-like operating systems

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